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630 North La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90069
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We’re a holistic public relations agency, delivering impactful and meaningful communications solutions to a national clientele from offices in sunny Los Angeles and cosmopolitan New York City. Our dynamic team brings together a breadth and depth of media and marketing experience unrivaled for a nimble boutique firm. We tailor every solution and every opportunity to align with overall strategy and deliver maximum exposure and reach.


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fearlessly optimistic.

We generate comprehensive, energetic media and marketing campaigns that deploy your brand fearlessly and with relentless optimism.

Everything we do communicates our fundamental belief that anything is possible. We are dedicated to cultivating a collaborative dynamic with our clients in order to deliver forward-thinking and effective campaigns to proudly position them to achieve next level results. We deliver and have fun doing it. We live for this.

The world is yours for the taking. All that is required is the confidence to step boldly forth—and the right partner to ensure that every step, every placement and every carefully-designed PR moment leads you to your goal.

committed to contributing.

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We are a team with diverse passions and interests, but we collectively believe providing “dollars and doers” for a healthier planet is our fundamental responsibility. We are committed to dedicating time to volunteering and giving back to our community. Not only do we believe it's our responsibility to give back, we believe it's important to remain grounded and connected to the world around us. We welcome you to join us! Follow us on Instagram for updates on how we bring our #girlbossto giving and we invite you to participate in our next volunteer day.


CEO/Founder, Jennifer Wentzo

I worked at variety of pr agencies (from boutique to corporate) right out of college, before accepting an offer to join an established company as a partner and lead its pr division at the ripe old age of 26 years old. I decided to leave behind amazing opportunities working for celebrities, television networks, and large brands to steer my own ship. I packed up five years of experience and relationships as a bad ass, results-driven publicist and didn’t look back. Unfortunately, that experience quickly turned sour and I saw the agency for which I gave everything up start to sink. With optimism and determination, I chose to swim.

I did the crawl, backstroke, dog paddle… whatever it took and I haven’t regretted a moment since. I have faced the trials and tribulations unique to entrepreneurs (while becoming a mother to two boys under two years old), and today I not only understand the way a business works, but I call on eight additional years of opportunity learning about the other businesses that I have been and am lucky to call my clients. Each is a valued partner and I treat their business as if it were my own.

Executive Vice President/Partner, Kate Walters

I am a marketing communications professional with more than 15 years of agency experience in strategic planning, media and influencer relations and events for luxury and mass consumer brands across the categories of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I have established and maintained strong relationships in the worlds of fashion, entertainment and media. In most recent years, my energy and expertise was harnessed to create and implement VIP programs centered around celebrities, their gatekeepers and influencers, each relevant and tailored to my clients’ needs, desires and budgets. Over the course of my career, I am proud to have had some small, positive impact the profiles of leading global brands.

The Yin to Jennifer’s Yang, I never wanted to run my own agency, but I have always had mad respect for those who did. In harmony with Jennifer’s approach to our practice, I have a strong desire to truly understand our clients’ businesses, long term goals and dreams and to protect them fiercely. (That’s the mom and the Leo in me.)

My experience at coded{pr} has been a unique application of all my years of #agencylife and I’m thrilled that I am still learning. It is a privilege to service our clients, learn from a fearless mom-trepreneur and swim alongside this dedicated team.